Toyota has a pair of concepts prepped for the upcoming Geneva auto show, one that has us scratching our heads and another that has us panting with anticipation: the i-ROAD and the FT-86 Open, which you might as well begin referring to as the Scion FR-S roadster.

Toyota says that it’s assessing the engineering behind converting the GT 86 to a convertible, while simultaneously gauging customer reaction. We previewed the inevitable FR-S roadster last year and suspect this concept has Mazda Miata marketers looking over their shoulders. Unlike the Miata, however, we think it’s likely the open-top FR-S will have rear seats if the sketch above is anything to go off of. If customer reaction is as positive as we think it will be, it’s possible a production-spec FR-S roadster could be debuted later this year or early in 2014.

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As for the head-scratcher, the i-ROAD, it’s a small, lightweight “personal-mobility concept” that is emissions-free and meant for urban environments. There’s room for two sitting in a tandem formation. With just a top-view drawing and no further information available, we’ll have to wait to get to Geneva to see what the i-ROAD really looks like. In the meantime, we’ll just think of it as a 21st-century version of Harry Miller’s 1917 Golden Submarine.

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By John Lamm