Plenty of poor sots unfairly missed out on the opportunity to own a Bugatti Veyron Fbg par Hermès. But those hankering for an in-league-with-fashion one-off automobile have another chance at the brass ring, perhaps. British fashion label Boxfresh has nabbed a UK-spec Brabus Smart Fortwo Cabriolet (notable for right-hand drive and a 31-hp boost up to 101, neither of which we get here) and done it up in a shade that seems similar to Audi’s Dakota Gray Mist—a color that appears either gray or brown, depending on the lighting. While the mechanicals are standard-issue Brabus, the interior’s been done up in richer-than-Smart-money leather and been festooned with Boxfresh branding, right down to the central gauge face.

Unlike the Hermès Veyron, the Boxfresh Brabus isn’t exactly for sale—it’s a teaser for an upcoming collaboration between Smart and the clothing brand that shall bare itself to the world later this year, which we imagine won’t be quite so, ahem, bespoke. Can we Yanks stop saying “bespoke”? There’s no getting around the fact that it makes us sound like right tossers. Meanwhile, can we get that extra 31 horses in our Brabus Smarts? Sadly, lacking stateside access to the Aston Cygnet and locked out of the Boxfresh deal, we suppose we’ll have to settle for the Mini Inspired by Goodwood to satiate our econoluxe jones. Maybe we’ll just mount a really big TV in a ‘96 Sunfire. All this British stuff is giving us a headache.

By Davey G. Johnson