2013 Ford Mustang V-6 vs. 2013 Volkswagen GTI Lease Throwdown 2013 FORD MUSTANG V-6 2013 VOLKSWAGEN GTI $329 typical monthly payment, $0 down $374 $11,844 total payments, 36 months $13,464 $22,995 sticker price $24,790 305-hp V-6
6-speed manual
powertrain turbocharged 200-hp inline-4
6-speed manual
0-to-60 mph: 5.4 seconds
1/4-mile: 14.0 seconds @ 104 mph
acceleration 0-to-60 mph: 6.3 seconds
1/4-mile: 14.9 seconds @ 96 mph
19/29 EPA city/highway fuel economy, mpg 21/31 Watched from the sidelines as the V-8 Mustangs made the 10Best list, then trounced a V-6 Camaro for revenge C/D trophy case Seven-time 10Best winner, recently took down a 263-hp Mazdaspeed 3 in a comparo Superb balance and nimbleness strengths Steering weight and response, engine flexibility Oddly clumsy in our lane-change test, low top-speed governor (114 mph) weaknesses Brakes prone to fading, nose-heavy, recently lost to a Focus ST in a comparo
It’ll depreciate $12,000 in three years. why lease instead of buy? It’ll be warrantied the whole time you have it. Spend most of my commute making slight steering corrections while looking through the side windows. in inclement weather, i . . . Gloat to myself about front-wheel drive’s superior stability. Two of them are usually children. Small children. when i have three other people with me . . . I want the adults in the back seat to think we’re in an adult car. Fuel economy in a cool retro package. reason you tell people you got it Fun and utility. A Mustang GT was too expensive. real reason you got it Drives, looks, and feels like a German car—because it is one. Go late at night and do donuts in the parking lot. when i go to costco, i . . Buy so much stuff I almost think I need a U-Haul to get home. But a spacious hatchback will do. America, God shed his grace on thee. america . . . You want to talk about progressive income taxes or the pervasiveness of genetically modified potatoes? Real men get rear-wheel drive. get it instead of the other one because . . . Refinement matters.

From the October 2012 issue of CAR and DRIVER magazine

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By Justin Berkowitz