2013 Honda Accord Touring vs. 2013 Infiniti G37 Journey Lease Throwdown Honda Accord Touring Vs. Infiniti G37 Journey $500 typical monthly payment, $0 down $500 $18,000 total payments, 36 months $18,000 $34,220 sticker price $38,145 278-hp V-6, 6-speed automatic powertrain 328-hp V-6, 7-speed automatic 5.6 seconds
14.1 seconds
0-60 MPH
5.3 seconds
13.9 seconds
21/34 EPA city/highway fuel economy, mpg 19/27 Brought the six-cylinder Accord back to the 10Best list for 2013. C/D trophy case Rarely wins comparison tests, but only loses to the most acclaimed car. Refinement, power, spaciousness, and visibility. strengths Acceleration, handling, steering—you know, driving. It can feel a little nose-heavy, so we prefer the four-cylinder and a stick. weaknesses Thrashy engine, cramped back seat, and a harsh highway ride. Leasing is a well-defined, risk-free commitment. why lease instead of buy? So you can drive the replacement soon after it comes out. Frugal and responsible. I want my co-workers to think of me as . . . Different and edgy. Not psycho, just edgy. Why’d he spend BMW money on a Honda? My co-workers will actually think . . . Why’d he spend BMW money on an Infiniti? Avoided. That’s why I have lane-departure warning. drifting should be . . . Enjoyed early and often. Rearview camera, heated seats, voice-activated nav, or adaptive cruise control. go ahead and ask me about my . . . 14-second quarter-mile or the platform shared with the Nissan 370Z. The Crosstour, a.k.a. the Medusan Ambassador. if i like it but need more space i’ll trade it in on . . . The jacked-up FX35 station-wagon version of my car. Is a politically correct word for “ostentation.” styling . . . Should reference Japanese calligraphy. It’s a nearly flawless entry-luxury car. get it instead of the other one because . . . It’s a true sports sedan.

From the February 2013 issue of CAR and DRIVER magazine

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By Justin Berkowitz