Honda JADE

Honda Jade

The Jade easily is the best-looking out of Honda’s three Shanghai debuts, and we actually wish we could get our hands on this sultry little wagon. Honda says the Jade was previewed by the Concept S MPV show car that debuted at last year’s Beijing affair. The Concept S, a Mazda 5–sized people mover, was attractive in an “anything’s better-looking than the Prius V” kind of way, but the production car takes it to a whole other level. In fact, it’s very clearly a wagon, not a MPV, and it looks strikingly like a European Civic with a longer roof. Honda’s Civic Tourer concept, shown in Geneva this year, supposedly pointed the way for the upcoming Euro Civic wagon, but the Jade seems like it could be that car. The Jade is being built in China, and is said to target Chinese customers born in the 1980s. Honda is seeking out that oddly specific demographic because it thinks those folks are “energetic and known for pursuing their dreams.” Whatever—if the automaker wants to see dreams fulfilled, it would bring either this Jade or the Civic Touring to the U.S.

One for the Money, Two for the Show: Honda Debuts Trio of China-Specific Rides [2013 Shanghai Auto Show]

2013 Shanghai Auto Show

By Alexander Stoklosa