2015 Chevy City Express

Your eyes do not deceive you – that is, in fact, a Nissan NV200 work van with Chevrolet badging. General Motors and Nissan today announced a partnership where the Japanese automaker will build Bowtie-badged vans for Chevy dealers to sell throughout the United States and Canada. The new van, called the City Express, is expected to go on sale in the fall of 2014.

“Our fleet customers have asked us for an entry in the commercial small van segment, so this addition to the Chevrolet portfolio will strengthen our position with fleets and our commercial customers,” Ed Peper, US vice president of GM fleet and commercial sales, said in a press release.

No details have been released regarding specific changes for the new City Express, though from the images released today, it’s clear that the vehicle’s front fascia has been reworked, and some super-sexy new wheel covers have been added. If we’re honest, the NV200 wasn’t all that pretty to begin with, and this, well, isn’t any better. Not that looks are of primary concern in the commercial truck business, of course.

Nissan already sells the NV200 in several global markets; it has even been selected as the New York City Taxi of Tomorrow. Pricing for the new City Express will be revealed closer to the van’s launch, and we’ll be curious to see how it lines up with the NV200′s numbers. Either way, we think this has all the signs of a win-win for both companies – Nissan has the capacity and Chevy has a pretty pronounced need for modern commercial vans.

Have a look below for the official press release from GM.

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By Steven J. Ewing