Although Mercedes-Benz isn’t the first automaker to develop a Car-to-X system, it sounds like it will be the first to get this automated safety technology into a production vehicle. Car-to-X allows a car to transmit and receive data in order to warn the driver of impending danger or traffic problems.

Using a mobile communication platform, the car would be sent alerts for approaching concerns including a broken down car, dangerous weather conditions or a car being driven the wrong way. In addition to automatic alerts, this system will have the ability to allow users to warn other motorists of road dangers, such as animals or debris on the road.

Mercedes says that it will not only have this technology as a standard feature in its vehicles by year’s end, but will also offer a kit that can be retrofitted to older models. It sounds like this technology will likely be limited to Germany or Europe for now, and the automaker it is also working with other automakers to get such a system implemented quicker. Scroll down for a press release.

By Jeffrey N. Ross