Chrysler Garmin Navigation

Mercedes-Benz has announced Garmin will provide fully integrated navigation for the automaker’s future infotainment systems. Over the next four years, buyers will find the familiar and easy-to-use Garmin interface show up in the German manufacturer’s new models.

Garmin says the systems will also include a small secondary display for upcoming turn information, and users will also be able to control the navigation system via either the vehicle’s rotary control or voice commands. The system will also work with the Mercedes-Benz Advanced Driver Assistance System to provide location services for “challenging situations.”

Mercedes-Benz is the second major automaker to adopt Garmin for navigation. Chrysler has successfully employed the tech as part of its UConnect system (seen in the photo above), offering up intuitive navigation with good graphics. In our experience, the Chrysler units are accurate and fairly quick, though we have noted some lag in city environments. You can check out the full press release about the upcoming Mercedes-Benz system below.

By Zach Bowman