McLaren’s long-awaited successor to the epic F1 supercar of the 1990s, the 2014 P1, is on its way to production following the company’s big reveal of the nearly customer-ready car at last year’s Paris auto show. (And subsequent spilling of additional P1 details at a private New York event a few months later.) But until now, we’ve only seen the P1 standing still, or at least rotating very slowly on a turntable.

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Well, if your idea of supercars rotating is anything like ours, it has nothing to do with turntables. Enter the video we’ve posted below, which McLaren threw onto its YouTube page yesterday. It shows, for the first time, the P1 in motion and even gives us a preview of the supercar’s nasty-sounding (in a good way) exhaust note. The video may not give away any new juicy specs—the car’s output figures and price, for example, remain mysteries—but one thing’s for sure: Even in black-and-white camouflage, the P1 looks a heck of a lot better in motion than it does standing still.

By Alexander Stoklosa