2014 McLaren P1

The floor, dashboard, and even the roof pillars and headliner are rendered in bare carbon fiber. Minor splashes of fabric wrap a few surfaces, and touches of metal trim adorn the buttons on the center stack, but otherwise the P1′s insides look like those of a gutted race car. The automaker even left the typical layer of clearcoat off of the cabin’s carbon-fiber surfaces, a move it says saves a whopping three pounds. More weight savings are realized by the total absence of sound-deadening material. There’s none of it, period. Optional carpeting for the floor does come with a thin, lightweight backing McLaren claims takes some of the edge off, but we’re skeptical.

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The seats feature carbon-fiber shells covered in the least amount of foam padding possible. The chairs come with a 62-degree backrest angle (they can be adjusted to 58 degrees to give helmeted passengers more headroom) and weigh just 23 pounds each. Though normal seat belts are provided, the P1 comes standard with built-in mounts for six-point racing harnesses.

We’re all for hardcore, purist design philosophy like the tack McLaren appears to be taking for the P1′s cabin, but we have to wonder how things will go with the car’s potential customers. Those folks aren’t going to be paying small potatoes for the P1, and might miss the scent of leather or a set of real seats. Look for more P1 info to seep out ahead of the Geneva show next month.

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By Alexander Stoklosa