Lexus LF-LC Blue concept

Lexus also has unveiled a few more details about the car’s construction. It’s built primarily from carbon fiber, bonded and with aluminum substructures. It’s a practice Lexus is considering for future products outside its LF-badged models. Measuring in at 182.3 inches long and 76.8 inches wide, but only 50.0 inches high, the two-plus-two LF-LC certainly is an imposing and impressive car in the flesh. Particularly striking are the taillights, which Lexus says were inspired by the afterburners of jet fighters.

The Blue also features a redone interior compared to the original LF-LC, colored in white and brown. Leather, suede, brushed metal, and wood are among the materials to make an appearance, along with two 12.3-inch LCD screens—one for the instrument cluster, the other for navigation—which boast the ability to stream info to each other.

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Officially, the LF-LC is described as “still three to four years away from production,” with a fast-tracking of the process “possible” (read: entirely contingent on customer feedback). Still, those prospects are an improvement from when it was first unveiled back in January. “This car was never meant for production,” Evans explained. “Then, (general manager of Lexus product and marketing) Mark Templin said, a month or two after Detroit, that the response was so positive from dealers and distributors around the world, that it had moved from being ‘no plan for production’ to ‘a 50-50 chance.’ The fact that they’ve built a second one, and that they’re showing it here and in L.A.—every time that happens it increases the, I guess, consumer pressure to deliver a car like this into production.”

The LF-LC Blue is set to make its North American debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show later this month. And with another auto-show appearance, we hope the pressure on Lexus to build the LF-LC continues.

Lexus LF-LC Blue concept

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By Shant Fabricatorian