Hyundai today dropped a teaser image of a concept it will be revealing at this year’s Detroit auto show, the HCD-14. Hyundai tells us the HCD-14 represents a glimpse into future Hyundai luxury-vehicle design, which has us thinking we might first see its influence in the next-generation Genesis. Hyundai’s mid-size luxury sedan received a refresh for 2012, which consisted of powertrain and suspension upgrades as well as a slightly tweaked fascia, but still looks largely the same as when it debuted more than five years ago.

The remainder of concrete information Hyundai provided was that it will give us a peek at impending driving dynamics—which the Korean manufacturer has described as spirited—and “advanced 3-D gesture-based technology controls.” We infer that to mean the HCD-14 likely has a finished interior and is reasonably road-ready—neither of which are common in most concepts.

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As far as a name, HCD is an acronym for Hyundai California Design, meaning the concept’s design was penned at Hyundai and Kia’s U.S. technical headquarters in Irvine, California. The origin of the 14 required a little further digging. Our sources at Hyundai tell us that although HCD-14 actually is the 13th model to emerge from Hyundai’s North American HQ, the brand skipped the number 13 because of the misfortune associated with the number. More information on the HCD-14 will become available when the 2013 Detroit auto show kicks off in earnest next week.

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By Andrew Wendler