2013 Ford Focus ST

Last August, Ford made a few waves by claiming that the Ford Focus was, at that point, the top-selling car in the world. The automaker failed to account for variations of the Toyota Corolla wearing a different name (such as the Auris and Matrix), however. With official data from Polk coming in now, Ford is able to say that the Focus was, in fact, the best-selling nameplate in the world last year.

Using new-car registrations (which doesn’t factor in fleet sales), the Polk data shows that a total of more than one million Focus models around the world. Strong sales in the US and China have led to a 16 percent increase in year-over-year Focus sales from 2011 that helped to create even more of a gap between it and the second-best global seller, the Corolla.

Ford also had the Fiesta and F-Series listed in the top 10 for worldwide nameplates, but what’s even more impressive is the fact that the F-Series is only sold in North America. Scroll down to see the list (compiled by Ford using Polk data) of the top global sellers last year and a press release from Ford.

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2012 2011 1 Ford Focus 1,020,410 879,914 2 Toyota Corolla 872,774 819,376 3 Ford F-Series 785,630 713,657 4 Wuling Zhiguang 768,870 729,328 5 Toyota Camry 729,793 558,800 6 Ford Fiesta 723,130 764,415 7 VW Golf 699,148 716,358 8 Chevrolet Cruze 661,325 606,825 9 Honda Civic 651,159 606,825 10 Honda CR-V 624,982 507,353

By Jeffrey N. Ross