Happy April, everyone. And we all know what this first day of the month means: April Fools’ Day. Today is a national holiday for pranksters with the Internet acting as a serious enabler, and it’s always fun to see what kind of vivid imaginations exist out there in the automotive world. The abundance of fake news gets a little old as the day rolls on, but we did manage to get in a few chuckles thanks to a handful of major automakers and automotive news outlets that got into the pranking spirit this year

Some of our favorites this year includes Subaru showing what happens when you combine a bunch of rumors, a Corvette some may have already thought was a joke or Honda providing some in-car innovation circa the late 1980s. Honestly, we’re still waiting for official confirmation from Mitsubishi that the recently introduced 2014 Mirage is an elaborate April Fools’ joke using a failed design intended for the 1995 Geo Metro. We dug up as much “official” OEM foolishness we could find, as well as some of our other favorites, and posted them all below.

2015 Subaru BRZ Twin-Turbo Convertible AWD Diesel Hybrid

Designed, as it seems, with the typical automotive writer in mind, Subaru has dreamed up a all-wheel-drive, convertible BRZ with a twin-turbocharged diesel hybrid powertrain by combining – and adding in – rumors that have been swirling around its sporty coupe. There will still be plenty of complaints to make about the new car since it will only be offered in noseeum black and will not come with a backup camera.

2015 Volkswagen LeVanto TDI Hybrid

In a similar vein, Volkswagen announced the 2015 LeVanto TDI Hybrid on its Facebook page. Looking almost identical to Volkswagen’s W12 Nardo concepts from more than a decade ago, the LeVanto replaces the W12 engine with a diesel hybrid drivetrain.

HondaVac with HondaHair

Fresh off the introduction of the 2014 Odyssey, Honda is adding onto its innovative HondaVac system with a new accessory. Acting as a mobile Flowbee (the hair-cutting vacuum tool from the ’80s), the HondaHair attachment allows parents to give thier kids a quick haircut or tighten up a scraggly beard. Here’s a video to watch HondaHair in action:

Mini Connect Us dating app

Cars are an important tool in the dating scene, and Mini is hoping that the Connect Us app can play more of an active role in getting couples together. The in-car app allows the car to act as a matchmaker to connect couples and even locate nearby bars and restaurants.

Chevrolet Corvette Callaway AeroWagonette

Do you have a family of five, the budget for only one new car and a passion for Corvettes? Well Callaway just might give you something to dream about. After showing off the AeroWagon, a shooting brake version of the 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, last month, Callaway is now bringing us the AeroWagonette, a small trailer that can be towed behind the ‘Vette and seat three small children. We’re fairly sure – or at least we hope – that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration would never sign off on something like this.

Volvo External Vehicle Protection system

It’s always fun when ideas from science fiction movies make it to the automotive world, and Volvo might be showing us the closest thing we can get to what was used in Demolition Man. Instead of using an internal foam like the movie, Volvo’s idea uses an external balloon that encompasses the car in the event of an impending collision.

BMW Postnatal Royal Auto Mobile (PRAM)

Looking to cash in on some of the attention surrounding this summer’s arrival of the first child of the Duke and Dutchess of Cambridge, BMW has come up with the Postnatal Royal Auto Mobile (PRAM). The PRAM is a self-propelled stroller with air conditioning, a “paparazzi-proof hood” and the choice of two- or four-wheel drive.

BMW M6 Active Noise Control review – Evo Magazine

Evo magazine gets to test some of the coolest cars on the planet including the all-new BMW M6. As a part of the video review, Evo shows off the car’s Active Noise Control feature that allows customizable noises for shifting the car, but it can also drown out all cabin noise completely.

Stage 3 Motorsports Mustang Driver Mod

Stage 3 Motorsports has developed a new option to help make most Ford Mustangs handle better on the racetrack – replace the driver. At just $300,000, the Mustang Driver Mod System is a humanoid life form that comes with everything required to race, only needing the buyer to provide food and lodging.

Think Geek’s Batman family car decal set

We’ve all seen the humor that can be added to a car with those family-style stickers affixed to the rear window, and Think Geek has come up with a sad, but funny, idea for this. Having watched his parents murdered in front of him, these stickers show a sad Batman and two tombstones… but no mention of his butler, Alfred.

By Jeffrey N. Ross