One-77 Cycle

The bad news surrounding Aston Martin’s One-77 is that they’re all sold out; the good news is that they’re making 77 more. The slightly-less-good news is that the next 77 examples will be bicycles—the One-77 Cycle. Aston’s two-wheeler will go on sale in July for just shy of $39,000, roughly $9,000 less than the brand’s minicar, the Cygnet.

So what does the cost of an entry-level BMW 328i get you in the world of two-wheeled Aston Martins? A carbon-fiber frame, wheels, seat post, and handlebars; a leather-wrapped seat and handlebar grips; LED head- and taillamps; hydraulically actuated brakes; and, according to Aston, development mirroring that in Formula 1, Le Mans racing, and MotoGP. A touch screen with 256 megabytes of storage sits atop the handlebar stem to provide visuals for data logged during rides. What you won’t get, however, are pedals: Aston’s leaving the choice of that section of drivetrain up to the owner.

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The One-77 Cycle is designed and manufactured by Factorbikes, a subsidiary of motorsport-engineering supplier bf1systems in Britain. The bike is available for pre-order and can be had in seven color combinations: Blue Pearl, Villa d’Este Blue, Aston Martin Racing Green Pearl, Spirit Grey, Carbon Black, Bronze Pearl, and Copper Fire.

By Sam Schembari