Audi RS8 (artist's rendering)

A rendering of an Audi RS8 has appeared up on the Audi-centric website Wait, an RS8? Simmer down—while we’ve not heard of any plans for Audi to add an RS version of its A8 sedan, we’re running the speculative photo because, well, an RS8 would be rad-tacular. If it were to happen, of course. (For more photos head on over to Fourtitude’s site.)

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Currently, Audi’s biggest four-door comes in regular A8 grade—available with a diesel V-6, a supercharged V-6, and a twin-turbo V-8—and high-performance S8 guise, which gets a hotter version of the A8′s twin-turbo V-8. There has never been an S8-topping RS8, but given that Audi’s been applying the RS treatment to machines like the Q3 recently, anything is possible. The best part of this fantasy? In order to top the S8, the RS8 would need to pack significantly more than that A8′s 520 horsepower. Yes.

By Alexander Stoklosa