2013 Chrysler 300 Motown Edition

Even though the 300 Motown’s exterior gets a blast from the past, the interior is future-classy. We certainly wouldn’t have objected to a pastel-colored, vinyl-wrapped interior replete with tons of chrome, ribbed seat patterns, and lots of gizmos whose names end in “-O-Matic,” but the Motown’s digs are pretty sweet. The seats are wrapped in Pearl White Nappa leather and accented with black piping and stripes; the white seating stands in stark contrast to the the rest of the interior, which is all black. The dark theme is further broken up by piano black trim on the center console, the steering wheel, and the door panels.

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Hands down the coolest feature on the 300 Motown edition is the 100 songs’ worth of Motown music that comes pre-downloaded onto the UConnect infotainment system’s SD card. It’s a nice touch that actually connects with the special-edition car’s thematic inspiration. Buyers can drink in the sounds of old-school Detroit through the available—and decidedly new-school—10-speaker Beats audio system. Also new-school is the 300′s powertrain: The Motown edition comes only with Chrysler’s excellent V-6/eight-speed automatic combo. The sedan’s available 5.7-liter Hemi V-8 probably is closer to what the cool cats in the Motown era would have driven. Regardless, the 300 Motown edition still is quite cool, and it will be quite affordable when it goes on sale early next year for $33,990.

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By Alexander Stoklosa